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Slovak paradise (2km) is situated in the east part of Slovakia; in 1964 it was announced as a protected provincial area and in 1988 National park. Its total area is 19 763 ha and from it its protected part is 13 011 ha. With its natural beauties it belongs to the most beautiful Slovak areas and the rivers Hornad and Hnilec flow through it.

There are 700km touristic tracks and 200km cycle tracks for tourists.

Among best known and the most visited gulfs belong Suchá Bela, Sokolia dolina, Veľký sokol, Prielom Hornádu, Tomašovký Výhľad.

In Slovak paradise there is evolved underground carst and 436 caves. From 69 explored caves only Dobšinská ľadová cave is open to public.

Suchá BeláSuchá Belá - Slovak paradise (source: Milan Kaleta)
Spišská Nová Ves and its surrounding

A gate to Slovak paradise is a town Spišská Nová Ves (17km), which extends on the east from National park in s valley of a river Hornád. Historical treasure of this town is a lentil-shaped square which belongs to the most beautiful in Slovakia and the longest square of that type in Europe. , Town Hall and Roma-catholic church with the highest tower in Slovakia (87m) from the second half of the 13th century.

The oldest parts of Spiš castle (35km) comes from the 11th-12th century. In 1780 it completely burned down. From its area of 4 ha it belongs to the largest castle complex in the middle Europe. It is written down into UNESCO.

In Spišskom Podhradí (33km) is situated a Roman-catholic church and also church and monastery of gracious brothers, Jewish synagogue from 1905.

Spišská Kapitula (33km) is fortified sacral castle town with an interesting late gothic cathedral, gothic chapel and bishop´s palace.

Town Levoča (17km) is a treasury of historical monuments. The most remarkable is the Temple of saint Jacob with Master Paul ‘work- the highest wooden altar in the world(18,62m). When walking through narrow romantic streets with burgher´s houses you must stop next to the historical Town Hall, there stands The cage of shame in front of it.

Spišský Štvrtok (6km) is known for its catholic church, Zápoľský pseudoghotic chapel.

In the village Markušovce (23km) is situated a typical renaissance manor house of Mariassy family, it has rounded towers placed in the corners of the building. Cosy surrounding molds a beautiful French park with three terraces and Country-seat Dardanely.

In Spišskej Sobote (18km) maintained gothic, renaissance and baroko burgher´s houses. On the square there is the Saint George church, initially late roman from 1273 which was in 1464 rebuilt in ghotic style.

Spišský hrad - © Miroslav Ďumbala|PHOTOGRAPHY ( Spišská kapitula - (zdroj: Wikipedia)

Spišská Nová Ves - © Miroslav Ďumbala|PHOTOGRAPHY (šská Nová Ves (source:
Town Hall (source: Hall (source:
Markušovce - (source: Wikipedia)Markušovce - (source: Wikipedia)
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